Truck Loaders

By Lesley de Villiers

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The morning was dry, the truck was HUGE, and the team was ready!

9am on Saturday morning, 6th June, 11 very able bodied people (including an 8- and an 11 year-old) got stuck in and started to tackle the very full storage container that has been housing boxes, bikes and other goods for the past year or so. Our job was to load a very large truck that in a few hours was about to embark on a day long journey across the sea all the way to Romania.

Very quickly we organised ourselves to load minivans, one with small boxes, and the other with larger ones, to then, once full, drive a short distance to where the truck was parked (It was so huge it could not park up next to the storage container!). Some boxes were broken, and needed patching up, other items were in black bags and needed to be put into boxes that we made up. The bicycles were piled up in a long line against the side of the containers: they were to be packed last.

The men on the truck along with the friendly Romanian driver had the job of packing the boxes in such a way that maximum img_9389boxes could be fitted into minimum space… and so the game of Tetrus began! They did great work, because in the end there was some space left over!

All in all, in 3 hours, we had loaded 354 boxes (of clotheimg_9414s, shoes, toys and bedding), 23 bicycles, 3 pushchairs, 2 car seats, 8 computers and 1 bed. These will all be distributed at the other end in Romania over the next few months by Operation Mobilisation, who, through the local churches, will donate the goods to those in need.

We are all waiting eagerly to hear the stories of how these much needed items will affect people’s lives in extraordinary ways (we know that last year there were some wonderful ones!).img_9400img_9432

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to sincerely thank all of those who donated towards this worthwhile venture… it means so much to those who are in desperate needimg_9429.