The power of a pencil

IMG_1583On Loving by Giving’s recent trip to Tanzania, I once again realised how often we take for granted those things that can make a massive impact on people living in poverty.

We had the privilege of visiting schools with WAC International, a local Tanzanian charity that invests a lot of time, energy and resources in helping those in need. On these visits, we typically donated some stationery and footballs to the school. In addition, we also gave each child a pencil and a little exercise book – and it was almost shocking to see the joy these simple gifts brought them.

In our homes, we often have more writing materials than we have place for, or could use in a lifetime, yet receiving only one pencil probably went down as one of the highlights of the year for these children. The children are hungry to learn, but unfortunately they are often hampered by the lack of basic educational resources.IMG_1572

Just as heart-breaking as it is to realise this, it is also inspiring, because it means that we all have the ability and the opportunity to make a massive difference in people’s lives by just donating what we already have. Most of us probably have enough “extra” stationery in our houses to stock an entire school in rural Tanzania!

Therefore, if you feel your heart stirring and want to get involved in providing educational resources for our project in Tanzania, please get in touch, it will definitely make a difference.

Written by Dr Jaco Beukes