Romania Outreach 2016

Romania 2016

by Adri Rossouw

Our little band of 8 left from Luton Airport on the 20th of August heading to Romania and Bod, where we would spend the next 7 days working on the old school building that Rom Trom11rain Ministries bought from the German Lutherans.  At Ortopeni Airport, we were joined by Cristina, a young Romanian woman who has worked with us before.  As usual, we were taken by people carrier and Cristina’s car from Bucharest to Bod, which took quite a while as there is only one main road and it felt like the whole of Romania has joined us on the road!

The Team: Shaun, Reece, Madèl, Roelien, Laurette, Jaco, Marli, Adri


On arrival in Bod, we were assigned our sleeping quarters with the women joining the London Chinese Church Youth outreach group’s ladies in the OM building and the three gents joining the same group’s men in the Rom Train building.

And the first thing that Adri spotted was this little kitten:


Little Junior, who was about 8 weeks old. He was thrown over the wall when he was about 10 days old, and Alina, whose family are the caretakers of the OM building, raised him and looked after him.

The next day being Sunday, Jaco was asked to preach as part of the Sunday worship session. This he did with his usual enthusiasm with the help of Radu, one of the Romanian youth workers.

The rest of the day was spent discussing the week ahead with Tero, our Finnish supervisor and mingling with the Chinese group and the OM people at the site.

Monday morning found us in the foyer of the old school building, ready for whatever the day was going to throw at us. Tero started us off on the old showers and adjacent rooms with tools consisting of scrapers, crowbars, hammers, chisels and step ladders.

And so a week of scraping off layer after layer of paint started. By the end of the first day, we had finished the work set out for us for the week, and started on the foyer as well, much to the surprise of Tero and Vali, the Romanian builder.

In typical South African/Romanian style, we tackled the job with little regard to health and safety rules as we know it in the UK.rom4

On Tuesday morning, we were greeted by the sight of Finnish precision as we entered the foyer: all our tools neatly arranged by Tero!

And so we morom7ved from foyer to a large classroom with two adjacent rooms.

In-between we had breaks with snacks and the ever-popular Fanta Madness.

In the evenings we joined the Chinese Youth Group in worship and reflection on the day.  Roelien could not keep her hands of the Chinese music band’s drums!

On quite a few evenings, we were joined by Junior, who lapped up all the attention he got from us and the Chinese group.


In-between scraping paint off, Adri taught Alina how to make elderberry jam and apple jelly.  Both these fruit trees are growing on site, and teaching Alina to utilise the fruit, would hopefully go a long way in helping them stock up for winter. We were joined by our cook and his wife preparing the veggies for the evening meal.

And just to remind Adri and Marli about their day-job, they assisted in delivering six healthy kittens!rom13

On the Wednesday we were treated to a trip to Gimbav where we worked last year at the OM headquarters converting the loft. This has now been turned into offices and it was good to see the end product of our work, as well as seeing Dora the dog again.

We were also invited by Tero to meet his wife and three children and we were treated to coffee, cake and Finnish hospitality.

Reece joined the activities of the Chinese Youth Group on their outreach to the local Romanian children, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself in spite of the language barrier.  He became very good friends with our cook’s son, with a six-year old boy acting as translator between the two!

But he also helped with scraping paint off walls!rom16

As always, we were treated to Romanian food, of which smarma is a prime example.

The final day arrived, and as we finished more than was expected, we offered to help Tero and Vali prepare the wood that Tero, true to his Finnish roots, are going to use to build a sauna in the school building.

All too soon it was Sunday again, and after a short sermon by Jaco, we said our goodbye’s to pastor Soreen and our hosts for the week and headed back to the UK physically tired but spiritually revived and enriched by what we’ve experienced on Romania Outreach 2016.

We are Loving by Giving. We serve a loving God in any way we can, across language and cultural borders to His glory.

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