Relieving Poverty

Loving by Giving’s mission is to change people’s lives practically. We do this by relieving poverty and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty.

Homelessness is a massive problem in the United Kingdom. People who are released from prison with no fixed abode, are especially vulnerable and often end up on the streets without warm clothes or bedding or any hygiene products to help them keep clean. Loving by Giving aims to help people in this terrible situation by providing them with ‘urban survival packs’, which include the following basic hygiene and clothing products:
Toothbrush Hand towel Cereal bar
Toothpaste Warm hat Refillable Water bottle
Shaving foam Gloves men’s Pen
Safety razor Socks men’s Notepad
Shower gel Rain mac men’s £5 supermarket voucher.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring any of these items or a full pack, it costs approximately £30 per pack.
  • Good quality, warm sleeping bags are also needed and costs in the region of £40 per sleeping bag.

According to the United Nations, unclean water and poor sanitation is the leading cause of child mortality in the world. According to them, in 2017, 2 billion people worldwide did not have access to basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines and at least 1.2 billion people are estimated to drink water that is not protected against contamination from faeces. A lack of adequate sanitation is thus clearly a major issue to people living in severe poverty. However, a 2012 World Health Organisation study showed that every US$1 invested in improved sanitation translated into an average global economic return of US$5.5. Thus, focussing on this area provides an enormous return on investment. 

As a result, Loving by Giving aims to provide people in poverty with better sanitation.

If you’d like to help sponsor this work, it costs approximately £500 to build a latrine at a school in rural East Africa.

Millions of people all over the world do not have a reliable source of food. Therefore, providing people in poverty with food, is one of the ways in which you can make the biggest impact to people’s lives. Consequently, Loving by Giving aims to bring immediate relief to people in poverty by providing them with food, like maize flour. 

However, Loving by Giving also aims to bring an element of sustainability to the work we do. Therefore, we also provide seed packs to subsistence farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. By the provision of these seeds, they are not only helped to provide nutritional meals for their own families, but they are also enabled to sell some of their produce and thus increase their income.

If you’d like to help sponsor any of these projects, the approximate costs are as follows:

  • Feeding 60 children for a week in East Africa: £10
  • Feeding children in South Africa: 
  • Seed pack for subsistence farmers: £50

When someone receive necessary clothing, like a warm jacket in winter, it could literally change their lives.

During the last 3 years, Loving by Giving has distributed more than 15 tonnes of clothing, bedding and toys to people in need in Eastern Europe, South Africa, as well as in East Africa. In addition to providing warm clothing for the icy Romanian winter, Loving by Giving also provided shoes for the next five years for eighty children in Northern Tanzania.

We are currently collecting second hand men’s clothing every Sunday between 10:00 and 12:00 at the West Costessey Hall in Queen’s Hill, Norwich. You can help to clothe some people in need, by bringing your unwanted clothes to this venue.This will be used to specifically help ex-offenders in Norwich have a fresh start, when they are released from prison.

One of the most heart-breaking situations for any parent, is when their child suddenly needs to be taken into hospital. This is often a very traumatic time for the whole family when despair can easily triumph over hope.

Therefore, Loving by Giving is teaming up with Trevor’s Fight to bring a bit of dignity to parents in this situation by providing small care packs with some essential toiletries. The aim of these care packs is not only to provide people in crisis with an opportunity to “freshen up”, but to remind them that others still care and that they are not alone.

You can help to bring people in this situation some hope and dignity by donating to Loving by Giving and using “Hospital” as your reference. One care pack costs approximately £4. Alternatively, you can donate small toiletry items that could be included in these care packs. This could be posted to Loving by Giving or could be brought to the West Costessey Hall in Queen’s Hill, Norwich, every Sunday between 10:00 and 12:00.