Live, Laugh & Love at Letton Hall

Annual Breakaway Weekend: 2-4 September 2016

The majesty of Letton Hall set amoimg_2056ngst vast green Norfolk fields was once again admired and appreciated by 73 of our church family members on our annual breakaway weekend.

It was the ideal opportunity for families and friends to come together for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to relax and unwind, to learn and to share, and to just recharge tired old batteries and be injected with a fresh outlook on life.

The theme of the weekend was ‘UNIQUE’, and this was the perfect time to reflect on how uniquely and individually each one of us was created by God. Jaco expertly led us to work out our own passions, talents and gifts, and to compare the lists to see the patterns emerging. On Saturday night we had great fun working out our personality types according to the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator, and amid lots of laughter and banter (mainly from Herman!), it was so interesting to see how we all compare and how different we all were. Some couples even turned out to be complete opposites, but fortunately Jaco gave us some valuable tips as to how to get along with other personality types.

When we all get together, the old and the young, the oldies and the newbies, we like to EAT! And boy, did we have a feast… and at every meal! Everyone got involved to help out with preimg_2024paring the food under the leadership of Madel, who had been working out menus and getting the food together since a year ago! What a fantastic job she did, as all our stomachs got filled with great satisfaction amid much chatter at the dining tables.

The children had a blast, in fact, they had such a good time us adults hardly saw them all weekend! During our talks they were led and taught by Eldre, who got them involved in crafts and games, walking in the woods and teaching them how special each one of them is to God. They had loads of fun in the large mansion of a house that is Letton Hall, playing hide and seek and exploring the many rooms aimg_2050nd corridors. There was an opportunity to try out the go-carts on the track: nothing like a bit of adrenaline-producing speed! Great fun was had by all.

We had not one but TWO birthday party celebrations: Roelien on Friday night was in for a shock (in a good way) when she opened the door of the Library to a room full of treats, fairy lights and party hat-adorned faces shouting ‘Surprise!!’. And then Ilke turning 19 on the Saturday was revelling in being a princess again, adorning a tiara and feeling special with a very cute princess cake! Talented artist Kate kept us amused and impressed by her cartoons of the fabulous Mr P, a pheasant caricature that regularly makes his appearance at these social occasions.img_2072

We learnt from this time together that each one of us was made unique for a reason, that we all have a purpose here on earth. We all have something to add to this church, each being a different part of the body of Christ, and each one of us matters dearly to God and to each other. With such a wonderfully talented group like this, only God knows what amazing things we can achieve through His strength and guidance!

written by Lesley de Villiers