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Loving By Giving

Farming Project

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About two years ago Loving by Giving was contacted for help by Harvest of Hope in Kenya. This organisation rescues children from some of the worst slums in Nairobi and aims to give them renewed hope for the future. Unfortunately, these children have been exposed to terrible circumstances, like extreme poverty, human trafficking, drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. As a result, all of them have been either abandoned, abused or orphaned. Harvest of Hopes mission is to help these children by offering them a safe place to stay, while providing them with an education that would empower them to break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

One of the places where these children get a second chance in life, is the Mount Olives Education Centre. This is a High School in the Busia District of Kenya where young people are accommodated in dormitories and where they can eventually achieve the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Unfortunately, this school do not receive any state funding, and they survive solely on donations.

At the Mount Olives Education Centre, there is a lot of open land that belongs to the school. They also have water running underneath the school, but no way to access it. However, by sinking a borehole and providing good quality seeds, the now empty land could be turned into a prosperous farm. This would not only enable the school to provide vegetables and water for their own consumption, but by selling their produce, they would be able to fund some of their other educational needs and thus become self-sustainable. To set up a farm around the school would also cost approximately £20,000.

Therefore, Loving by Givings vision for 2020 is to raise £20,000 to give hundreds of children a home and an education and to raise £20,000 to make this project sustainable, by establishing a farm that would provide an income to this school.

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