Church - Loving by Giving

At Loving by Giving we believe that “changed lives, change lives”. Therefore, in addition to being a charity, we are also a Church, where the Good News of God’s love and mercy is shared with anyone who longs to live a life of purpose and meaning.


Every Sunday at 10:00

    Shining Stars (toddlers and primary school)

    The children are on an amazing journey and are loving the resources, especially the new songs they learn regularly. Shining Stars meet every Sunday during the service. Please contact Eldré ( for more information.

    Konnect (pre-teens)

    The youth are having a lots of fun, while developing wonderful new friendships. Konnect meets every Sunday after the service (around 11:00) and regularly has events, like camping, swimming or even ice skating! Contact Roelien ( for more information.

    We believe in the power of prayer. Therefore, we have a dedicated team that will pray for you, whatever your need may be. Please contact us if you would like us to stand with you in prayer.

    Visit the Classifieds

    Loving by Giving (and sharing) in Norfolk, UK.
    Loving by Giving’s aim is to inspire people to use what they’ve already got to help others in need. Often someone will have a specific item and no longer uses it while someone else is in need of precisely such an item, e.g. you’ve got a hedge cutter that you only use once every three months; in the Church are two other guys who will also only use a hedge cutter once in three months, but don’t currently have one… Or you may have a guitar you no longer use, while someone else is looking for a guitar to start playing.
    Through this page, we aim to share what we’ve got with others in our Church community who may benefit from it.
    Payment is not part of transactions and arrangements can be made to either keep or return goods after use.

    We believe that it is vital for any believer to be part of a small group if they want to grow to their full potential. Therefore we have several of these “life groups” in our Fellowship. Please contact Jaco ( for more information.

    We currently have the following groups:
    Queen’s Hills