Crisis: danger and opportunity

The world is in a crisis, there is no denying it. However (and I find this quite ironic, considering where the virus originated), the Chinese symbol for ‘crisis’, can be separated into two symbols; one meaning ‘danger’ and the other one meaning ‘opportunity’. This is indeed an accurate description of a crisis, as on the […]

The power to choose…

If there is one word, we can use to describe how many people felt over the last few months, it is the word ‘powerless’. As we are facing the worldwide Coronavirus crisis, it often feels as though we are on a conveyor belt over which we have no control; we don’t know how long it […]

Powerful words

Words are powerful; whether they are life-giving or life-taking words. That is why, if we want to make a positive difference to the world, we need to consciously choose to build people, rather than break them, with the words we use.  Maybe you have heard (or even used) the proverb: “Sticks and stones may break […]