About the Project


2020's Vision

To have ‘20/20’ vision, means that you have the ability to see clearly – some would say ‘perfect vision’.

Loving by Giving has a very clear vision of how we would like to change the world over the next decade. We believe that any positive change that you can make to the lives of others, must be long-lasting, otherwise efforts are wasted. It’s for this reason, that we have two very clear objectives and that is to provide immediate relief and to ensure our project offers sustainability. 

One of the most deprived areas of the world, is Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s home to some of the world’s poorest communities. This makes the social return on investment or impact relatively high. As an example:

In the UK, £10 may provide one meal to 5 children

In East Africa, £10 could feed 60 children for 1 week. 

Although we aim to bring immediate relief to communities living in extreme poverty, we also believe that our biggest challenge is to ensure that we provide the sustainability and long-term relief that these communities need.

The Goal

Our first ‘2020s Vision’ project aims to build a dormitory for children being rescued from the slums in Nairobi. This will provide them with a place to stay, while receiving an education. The dormitory will bring immediate relief, because these children currently sleep in a classroom. Yet, the project also has longevity, because it will enable thousands of children to receive shelter and an education, in the foreseeable future.

The second part of this project, is to ensure that these children have a continuous source of food and water. It’s mankind’s most basic of needs, without which, the project will be unsuccessful. Our plan is to dig a borehole and provide good quality seed for them to set up a farm. Again, this project will not only provide immediate relief, but will help future generations become stronger and more productive.


The project is divided into two parts:

Immediate Relief and Sustainability

Each of these two segments will cost approximately £20,000 to complete; thus 20/20. 

To Summarise

Loving by Giving’s 2020s Vision, is to identify projects with a high impact, that brings immediate relief and ensures sustainability. We aim to complete several of these projects during the next decade, starting with the dormitory and farm in Busia, Kenya.

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